Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Words of Wisdom to Live By...

Well the flooring people just came to our house and measured our rooms today!!  Very excited at this point!  Now it will be time for the “hard” work of going thru all of our junk in our closets and purging stuff we really do NOT need!  After we get those rooms done we will be finishing our office, which is what I am looking forward to.  I am aiming to have all of these projects completed by the time it is back-to-school. 
While going thru my closet I found a paper from Girl Scout Camp with the lyrics to the song, “Don’t Laugh at Me”.  Made me really happy to find it and think about when we participated in that 'seminar' at camp on bullying. We need to bring awareness to everyone that there are some people who are willing to hurt others to no end just to make themselves feel better.  People who bully never win.  

Don't laugh at me
Don't call me names
Don't get your pleasure from my pain
In God's eyes we're all the same
Someday we'll all have perfect wings
Don't laugh at me”

In light of this, I decided to create an Anti-bullying treasury on Etsy.  Here is the link!
Hope you enjoy and this inspires you!!!
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