Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Few Things Here and There

Here is our new kitchen faucet…we absolutely love it! 

It almost makes me want to do the dishes!  This was a great, quick 30 minute project for my husband and I, to do together.  I already had changed faucets before but I wanted to let my husband be involved since he really enjoys learning new things.

 This past Friday our fair started so I have my hands full since the kids have off school!  Once the fair is completed (September 29) I will have a post on some of our favorite things from it.  To date we’ve been consuming tons of apple dumpling and cider!  Oh and my new *favorite*…Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream.  That is heavenly, really tastes like a real pie and “screams” fall time!

Now that it is starting to feel like fall time, we are starting to get into the mood to decorate for fall.  I had already started some on our porch (as seen in this post).  We made a few ‘fall time’ purchases at the fair, which I will showcase at a later date.

Here is a free quote printable that I typed up.  I saw it somewhere else but did not like how it was being used with all dark colors.  You can find it here!


Hope you enjoy!!!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Fall Time is Fallin' Upon us!

As fall time is starting to settle upon us, it puts me in the mood for apple cider, apple dumplings, going on hay rides and of course Halloween/Thanksgiving!  This is the “bearable” time of the year for me running.  During the summer sometimes it is so hot to do my daily run outside that I just have to resort to being inside on the elliptical.  In the fall time I typically can average well over an hour and not mind.  This is the easiest and best form of exercise to me!  

Seeing all the leaves change and fall off is really exciting for my children!  Here is my favorite photo from our NYC trip from last fall.  We go to NYC at least once a month so seeing it change from month to month is very neat.

As we start to enter into fall time, so do the amounts of sweets and treats.  I am not a fan of chocolate (which is probably not a bad thing)! I really love pumpkin pie- that is truly one of my favorite things!

Here is the Halloween Themed cake that I made last year.  My oldest helped me with it and her favorite part was making the big spider!  We love making really neat cakes together, and over this past year (from when this photo was taken till about now), we have really gained lots of cake and decorating skills!

I haven’t gotten my “Halloween” inspired wreath out yet (it is a bit too early) but for now here is a photo of the burlap one that I made a few weeks ago.  This was a very simple DIY.  I already had a spare wire wreath lying around, and a huge roll of burlap (I bought all of it a few months back with the intent of making it someday)!  The rustic letter “T”, I had used previously for an anniversary party that my husband and I threw with close friends and family.  I have always planned on using burlap for projects and was pleasantly surprised it wasn’t as messy to work with, as I thought it would be!


Oh, in case you may remember, our Moss Covered Letter for the time being has a spot on our porch! That is still one of my favorite projects!


Hope you enjoy!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Our Trip to La Festa Italiana!

Labor Day weekend we went to the Italian Festival- La Festa Italiana, which is located in our neighboring city of Scranton.  It encompassed the whole courthouse square and had a variety of food vendors and crafts to purchase. Also there were bands playing music, and a few different shows to watch and enjoy.  My husband loves trying new food so that was lots of fun for him!  

One of the streets

There was lots of buildings and scenery to photograph so that made it worthwhile for staying.  

At the courthouse square
It was about 90 degrees out that day so we were trying our hardest not to get too hot so we kept going to the "cool" areas!

The nice shade arch they had which helped against the sun

The Electric City has lots to offer for day trips, and one of our favorites it the Steamtown National Historical Site.  There you can see tons of locomotive trains, ride them, and explore the museum. 

Train Yard

  Hope you enjoy!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Life in the Busy Lane!

As I have been very busy the past few weeks, I haven’t been able to write.  From fulfilling orders, to going away to various places, we have been busy!  Now that life is settling and we are getting back into the scheduling that back-2-school brings with it, I am finding more time.  I have just got all my paperwork approved for being a co-leader for Girl Scouts.  Lots of paperwork had to be filed along with all the background checks, all which were processed easily and good to go!!  Some of the paperwork was similar to what I had to do to volunteer at my children’s school, so I was familiar with the process.   

Along with all that, I have been truly blessed with the amount of orders that are coming in!  I have several blog posts all ready to be published for the next few days so starting tomorrow there will be a new one!!!

Hope you enjoy!!!