Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Window of Delight

We have been working real hard to finish up and get some photos of our redecorated office.  This office is now cheery and you have the vibe energy of wanting to get work done in it! ;)
Yesterday we decided to make a ‘new’ valance.  We have been seeing all different colors of this on Pinterest and decided to give it a shot, since it isn’t too hard.  You can use scraps of fabric or just go to the craft store and get one of those rolls of coordinating fabric (like we did since there was a 40% off one item coupon this week).  We then looped them around the rod and it looked like this:

A close up of the valance we made!
Quick, easy, and a fun new look for the window!

The whole window in the office

The jars next to the window were bought off of Etsy from Beach Blues.  These match our window valance and the wall color perfectly.  Amazing!

Jars from BeachBlues on Etsy
The floor in the office just ended up being painted a glossy floor paint.  The color was Cancun Sand, which appears to be a nice, warm cream color.  
The view into our office

We will probably be putting the foam mat that we had on the floor next to the train table for the kids to sit on while playing with it.  I also want to change what I currently have on the shelves…not quite sure exactly what I want but will figure it out!  At this moment I am very satisfied with our hard work and just in total bliss over the turnout of our redecorating of the office!

Hope you enjoy!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Fresh, New Office to Work in

Here is a quick peek as to what we have been busy with lately...

A quick phone picture...
This photo was just taken on the phone and before we decided to put our new trim down.  Hopefully by the end of the week I will have finished photos of our newly redecorated and half reno’d office!

Hope you enjoy!!!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Now that Everything Seems to be Falling into Place...

Now that everything seems to be falling into place and sort of back to normal after getting our new flooring, I will show off some photos of our master bedroom!  

The beautiful king size sleigh bed

The view into our bedroom

 We love how light and airy our bedroom seems, and just to think we really only changed 2 things in it.  Firstly the flooring; we went from really dark to bright and light.  Secondly instead of putting our bi-fold closet doors back up we decided to do what we have done in the kids’ bedrooms and hung curtain panels!  Now we have full and total access to each of our closets and we,  I won’t be breaking the doors anymore!

Our closets with the curtains

 I really try to limit what I put on top of the dressers and nightstands.  It makes the room feel not cluttered.  On my nightstand I just have the lamp, alarm clock, vase, and one of my favorite collectables (an elephant my good friend had given to me as a gift).  I was told that if the elephant is pointed towards the door bring good luck, so I always keep it there, just in case!
I try to keep the nightstand very limited with things

I found these awesome printable faux chalk labels on Pinterest yesterday!  (The link will take you directly to where you can pick the design.)   
My inspiration that was on Pinterest
They look very real and I decided to give them a try on our canisters.  As stated they do use a lot of black ink, but well worth it!  I printed them on a whole shipping label sheet and then just cut and trimmed.  A good plus to them is the ‘chalk’ doesn’t wipe off!!! 

Our canisters look really nice with the labels

Here is a sneak peak as to what my next post will be about:

Our family binder
Our Family Binder!
Hope you enjoy!!!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Snippets of our Office Redo!

Today I am going to start giving some preview of the things we have done in our office for our mini-reno!  These hanging folders on the wall were a really great idea!  

2 of the hanging wall folders

I had bought these a few months back, when in almost all my home magazines that I receive had a 40% off one MS product at Staples.  I figured I would try them and they are pretty cool.  I just love the color of them and how convenient they are for me.  I can give each person in the household a dedicated slot to put papers in. This really is handy for my husband since he is always misplacing papers.  The smaller folder is being used to put bills in that need to be mailed out.  I still have another package of the bigger folders and will hang them near these ones soon. 

While shopping at Target the other day, my daughter spotted this lamp that had a shade that was entirely covered with feathers.  This lamp was approximately $40.  I knew I still had some white feather strands still left so we just went and bought a lamp that she liked!  When we got home we sat down and hot glued the feather strand around and around until we got this:
Feather Lamp

It looks awesome and we DIY'd it together!

Hope you enjoy!!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

All of our Decorated Porch and Garden

Okay…I finally sat down and got a great roundup of our porch and garden photos for on here! While watching the Olympics I have been sitting on my computer getting some of the ‘best’ photos that showcase our hard work on the porch and outside the best! I hope everyone is enjoy the Olympics as much as we are!
Our flower garden mid-summer
Back in April, our family constructed another garden but this one is right below our porch.

Close up of some of our flowers
Now for the main showcase: our porch. We kept our bistro table a bit spaced from our new ottoman bench that we built, so we have 2 different ‘sections’ on the porch. Everything just seems to go together and compliment one another. As pictured is our painted rug.  Here is the DIY post for the painted rug that we did.
Ottoman that we built and our painted rug
Bistro table set and our 'Love' sign we made
As for our house door, we have our Moss Covered Letter, which ended up being added to an unused spray painted picture frame. Here is the post from when I made the Moss Covered Letter. The ‘welcome’ sign was one of our best purchases off of etsy! This sign is just so simple but neat looking that we just had to buy it.
Moss Covered Letter on our front door
Welcome sign we bought off Etsy
Now on to our collection of old looking things. Our Pepsi-Cola wooden crate was a yard sale find (my first yard sale experience I have ever been to). The silver star on the top is something my oldest daughter and I basically just threw together. We gathered some sticks up and hot glued them together, then spray painted them. The mason jars are still a work in progress but I am sure you get the picture.
Pepsi-Cola crate we got at yard sale, and the DIY star
Mason Jars that aren't quite done yet!
Finally we have our plants that sit on the porch. During cold months these plants do find a way into our home, but for now while it is really nice out they can stay there! The hats hanging on the wall were an cute idea that my mil told me to do a few weeks back.  The lights that we have strung all over the porch are my favorite outdoor lights ever.

Plants and the hanging hats

Outdoor lights that we l-o-v-e!
This week is flying on by and it is August already which means Back-2-School time is rapidly approaching. On the next post I will show off my Household Binder that for months I have been trying to get together and finally finished it! I will also little by little start to show off our office reno!


Just wanted to also include we were featured in a treasury on Etsy and just wanted to include the link to see our 'Teacups' Flower Girl Ivory Tutu Dress' in it!!!

To send this post off, here is a photo of our cat "Cupcake", while we were taking the photos of the porch!  
A sleeping "Cupcake"
Hope you enjoy!!!