Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Lazy Summer Days

Not too much to say about the crafting front after the past few days- since we just got back from the beach.  We go to the same place every year and even stay in the same condo-room!  Kind of funny I think but it is something that we enjoy.  Eating at the ‘normal’ places, which is neat how we made this a yearly tradition for the 5th year in a row.  The much dreaded 5 hour ride is well worth it in the end!  This is the view from our ‘every year balcony’…

View from our balcony in our condo room
This week may end up being a trying week for us, since we are preparing for the floor installation.  After all this ‘mayhem’ is done with, I will definitely be back on the prowl for inexpensive crafts to do.  My husband always asks me how come when I want to do something it always involves $, so I think the next craft I do is going to entail reusing old things.

I must finish my cleaning and make-shift decorating of my porch today.  Here is what I got done so far:

What I've done so far on the porch

The hats that are on our bistro table (3 of them), I am going to hang them up on our empty wall on the porch.  Under the bistro table there is this awesome wire bowl that I found in an attic and was planning on spray painting it silver and using it as a catchall for our kids outside toys!

Hope you enjoy!

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