Friday, July 27, 2012

The DIY Summer at our House

I am so thankful that this chaotic week is finally over.  I have been catching up on my orders while trying to piece my house and office back together!  And to top off this week, last night we got a massive storm so we are really thankful we had a generator to power our home!

The storm is coming!

The new floor came on Monday…preparing for that was far from fun!  Never again do my husband and I want to take staples out of the subfloor in over 600 sq. feet again!  Cramming all of our belongings into our office and each of our children’s rooms…priceless!  Needless to say everything in the end turned out picture perfect.  Now we are in the process of doing a quick floor change on our office.  Yay!  More staples to pull out of the subfloor but when the wood is down and finished we will be happy!  I cannot wait to jumpstart on the office.  We are keeping the wall color (peachy coral-ish) the same but lots of sweet touches to it after the floor is done.  This should make my “To Do List” for the summer completed!

One of the empty rooms with our new flooring!

The other week we painted a rug…well this past weekend we built an ottoman for the porch.  My oldest daughter and I also made matching throw pillows.  We absolutely love how everything turned out and how the colors all seem to go together.  My oldest daughter really enjoyed getting to learn how to use some basic tools, while having fun.  She also seemed to have a sense of pride after everything was finished and put in place on the porch!

All of our DIY projects together and looking great!

Last week we started to work on a mercury mirror glass jar.  Here is the one jar (not mercury-ized tho) finished.  My daughter and I both agreed for this one jar to do it in a metallic sort of way.  As we get more caught up around the house we will finish up the rest of the jars that we have. 

The metallic Ball Jar
In another week we are going to start getting ready for the big back-to-school prepping around the home.  Honestly I cannot wait for school to start and to get back into that routine of a super busy schedule!

The original jars that we found in the attic

Hope you enjoy!!!

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