Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Crayons and Chalk...Oh My!

So this weekend was an exciting weekend for my family and I.  We went to the crayon factory and had lots of fun there!  

 I meant to post this on Monday but I have been s-u-p-e-r busy this week!  I opted for a quick project this weekend and decided to hop on board with the “mini chalkboard” craze. I made a chalkboard sign for my daughter’s bedroom door.  It was very basic just a stretched canvas that I bought at Big Lots ($3!!), chalkboard paint, and some arts and crafts wood shapes I had saved from a previous project.  To hang it I hot glued ribbon onto the back and used a 3M hook onto the door.  I think it looks really cute and I cannot wait to make one for my older daughter!

I have a few more projects in the works that entail more chalkboard paint- which I am excited about!
I hope you enjoy!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Getting Inspired by Spring

Well I have spent over a good hour on my Pinterest boards ,finding some type of new springtime craft “idea” for this weekend to try. Needless to say I have found several that would be perfect and will definitely try a few this weekend!
 I found this very sweet craft to try with both of my girls this weekend over at kiboomu. I can just imagine how happy my girls will be to get their hands all messy and have tons of fun!!!

I also was out on the hunt for a printable for my picture frame.  This free printable that I found over at How to Nest for Less really stuck out that I needed to share it with everyone! 

Hope you all enjoy!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tree Time with my girls

To get ready for Easter we have been *trying* to hollow out eggs so we can do an Easter Wreath!  While that is still in the making at this time, my girls and I went outside a few weeks back and collected some branches so we could make an Easter Egg Tree.  To hold the branches in place we used Floral Foam and place that into out decorative container.  We went to the store and bought some of those Styrofoam eggs and put push pins thru them with some ribbon so they could hang! To finish it off we topped it with recycled Easter Grass!  This was a simple and fun craft to do with my girls.  They really love the way the 'tree' looks!

Hope you enjoy!

The Start of Something New

I finally decided to end my 'personal' blog and just start over fresh with one that will incorporate my etsy shop as well!  So for now I am just getting everything setup here!