Thursday, July 19, 2012

Paint, a Rug, and a Roller

I finally got time to do the painted stripped rug that I wanted to make!  Super excited and my children had a blast helping with this project!  I have had tons of inspiration with finding enough, beautiful painted rugs on Pinterest and finally decided to leap in and do one. 

The finished rug!

My oldest picked out the color paint, which happens to be her favorite color.  We used approximately a half gallon of satin floor paint.  You need a tight woven, flat rug…basically not a piled/shag rug.  We bought a cheap, $15 rug that measures 5x6.  We placed 2” wide painters tape about 3” apart.  I had a little help from my husband with making sure the lines were ‘straight’.  

After getting all the tape down

 When painting each of the stripes, it does take time while applying it, so you may need to pace yourself!  I was so tempted to peek at the stripes but made myself wait.  That was hard.  After the first coat was completely dry, I applied a second coat.  

Painting the stripes

 After everything was completely dry we took all the painters tape off!  We sprayed scotch guard on the whole rug, with the hopes that it will ‘hold’ up better/longer.  We are still a bit uncertain as to where this rug is going to be ‘living’ at, but I am so proud of it, we may just make another!
Done and finished!

Later today I am going to try my hand at some antiqued mercury mirror glass jars.  After leaving the library today I decided to buy some of that Krylon looking glass spray.  Very excited to try that in a few!

Hope you enjoy!!!

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