Friday, March 1, 2013

Spring Cleaning Anyone?!?

Over the next few weeks I’m going to do a segment called, “The 20 Days of Spring Cleaning”.  By the time spring is here most of the dreaded items will be off of the list, and the end result will be an organized, and clean home just in time for spring!
Since today is a Friday, I decided on something on the lighter side to be done today.  Coffee, sofa and end tables in the living room is where I’d like to start.  I think having tidy areas in the room we spend the most time in is essential
Our messy end table

My goal for the coffee, sofa and end tables is to have them cleared of all the unnecessary clutter and dusted.
I have a decent size pile of magazines from the past few months that need to be disposed of and brought to the recycling center.  I always say I will go thru them to ‘save’ certain pages but most times I never refer back to those pages I have saved.  

Pile to be recycled
Streamline the collection of books. We own lots…LOTS of books. We have books all over the place and just have a 'small' collection thru the living room.  I like use books to decorate with as well.


Dusting…dust every nook and cranny possible!  Also wipe down the lamps, they have a lot more dust than you may realize.  I use an old washcloth for when I’m dusting.  I feel it is better than using many paper towels.

I always tend to work in piles while cleaning.  Seems to make me think that I accomplished a lot more than I probably did (ha)!  Notice the decent size pile of hair ties; I guess you can tell there are lots of girls in the house!  :)

Putting everything back together is the fun part.  For my sofa table behind the couch, I like to display seasonal as well as sentimental items.  As you can see on our sofa table before photo, I still had a good amount of holiday decor out.  

Sofa Table After

Sofa Table Before

On our coffee table, personally I feel it looks nicer streamlined with nothing on it.  The end tables house lots of different books, and I utilize some of the books to place the lamps on top of.  

End Table Next to Loveseat- After

End Table Next to Couch- After

I decided to do a 'quick over' on my tv stand.  As you can see I still have to put some of the movies away that are on the floor!
TV stand mid-way thru

Check back tomorrow for my next posting on cleaning the couches and to see the rest of the living room!

Happy Friday!

Hope you enjoy!!!