Thursday, September 13, 2012

Our Trip to La Festa Italiana!

Labor Day weekend we went to the Italian Festival- La Festa Italiana, which is located in our neighboring city of Scranton.  It encompassed the whole courthouse square and had a variety of food vendors and crafts to purchase. Also there were bands playing music, and a few different shows to watch and enjoy.  My husband loves trying new food so that was lots of fun for him!  

One of the streets

There was lots of buildings and scenery to photograph so that made it worthwhile for staying.  

At the courthouse square
It was about 90 degrees out that day so we were trying our hardest not to get too hot so we kept going to the "cool" areas!

The nice shade arch they had which helped against the sun

The Electric City has lots to offer for day trips, and one of our favorites it the Steamtown National Historical Site.  There you can see tons of locomotive trains, ride them, and explore the museum. 

Train Yard

  Hope you enjoy!!!

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