Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Few Things Here and There

Here is our new kitchen faucet…we absolutely love it! 

It almost makes me want to do the dishes!  This was a great, quick 30 minute project for my husband and I, to do together.  I already had changed faucets before but I wanted to let my husband be involved since he really enjoys learning new things.

 This past Friday our fair started so I have my hands full since the kids have off school!  Once the fair is completed (September 29) I will have a post on some of our favorite things from it.  To date we’ve been consuming tons of apple dumpling and cider!  Oh and my new *favorite*…Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream.  That is heavenly, really tastes like a real pie and “screams” fall time!

Now that it is starting to feel like fall time, we are starting to get into the mood to decorate for fall.  I had already started some on our porch (as seen in this post).  We made a few ‘fall time’ purchases at the fair, which I will showcase at a later date.

Here is a free quote printable that I typed up.  I saw it somewhere else but did not like how it was being used with all dark colors.  You can find it here!


Hope you enjoy!!!

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