Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Window of Delight

We have been working real hard to finish up and get some photos of our redecorated office.  This office is now cheery and you have the vibe energy of wanting to get work done in it! ;)
Yesterday we decided to make a ‘new’ valance.  We have been seeing all different colors of this on Pinterest and decided to give it a shot, since it isn’t too hard.  You can use scraps of fabric or just go to the craft store and get one of those rolls of coordinating fabric (like we did since there was a 40% off one item coupon this week).  We then looped them around the rod and it looked like this:

A close up of the valance we made!
Quick, easy, and a fun new look for the window!

The whole window in the office

The jars next to the window were bought off of Etsy from Beach Blues.  These match our window valance and the wall color perfectly.  Amazing!

Jars from BeachBlues on Etsy
The floor in the office just ended up being painted a glossy floor paint.  The color was Cancun Sand, which appears to be a nice, warm cream color.  
The view into our office

We will probably be putting the foam mat that we had on the floor next to the train table for the kids to sit on while playing with it.  I also want to change what I currently have on the shelves…not quite sure exactly what I want but will figure it out!  At this moment I am very satisfied with our hard work and just in total bliss over the turnout of our redecorating of the office!

Hope you enjoy!!!

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