Friday, August 3, 2012

Snippets of our Office Redo!

Today I am going to start giving some preview of the things we have done in our office for our mini-reno!  These hanging folders on the wall were a really great idea!  

2 of the hanging wall folders

I had bought these a few months back, when in almost all my home magazines that I receive had a 40% off one MS product at Staples.  I figured I would try them and they are pretty cool.  I just love the color of them and how convenient they are for me.  I can give each person in the household a dedicated slot to put papers in. This really is handy for my husband since he is always misplacing papers.  The smaller folder is being used to put bills in that need to be mailed out.  I still have another package of the bigger folders and will hang them near these ones soon. 

While shopping at Target the other day, my daughter spotted this lamp that had a shade that was entirely covered with feathers.  This lamp was approximately $40.  I knew I still had some white feather strands still left so we just went and bought a lamp that she liked!  When we got home we sat down and hot glued the feather strand around and around until we got this:
Feather Lamp

It looks awesome and we DIY'd it together!

Hope you enjoy!!!

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