Saturday, August 4, 2012

Now that Everything Seems to be Falling into Place...

Now that everything seems to be falling into place and sort of back to normal after getting our new flooring, I will show off some photos of our master bedroom!  

The beautiful king size sleigh bed

The view into our bedroom

 We love how light and airy our bedroom seems, and just to think we really only changed 2 things in it.  Firstly the flooring; we went from really dark to bright and light.  Secondly instead of putting our bi-fold closet doors back up we decided to do what we have done in the kids’ bedrooms and hung curtain panels!  Now we have full and total access to each of our closets and we,  I won’t be breaking the doors anymore!

Our closets with the curtains

 I really try to limit what I put on top of the dressers and nightstands.  It makes the room feel not cluttered.  On my nightstand I just have the lamp, alarm clock, vase, and one of my favorite collectables (an elephant my good friend had given to me as a gift).  I was told that if the elephant is pointed towards the door bring good luck, so I always keep it there, just in case!
I try to keep the nightstand very limited with things

I found these awesome printable faux chalk labels on Pinterest yesterday!  (The link will take you directly to where you can pick the design.)   
My inspiration that was on Pinterest
They look very real and I decided to give them a try on our canisters.  As stated they do use a lot of black ink, but well worth it!  I printed them on a whole shipping label sheet and then just cut and trimmed.  A good plus to them is the ‘chalk’ doesn’t wipe off!!! 

Our canisters look really nice with the labels

Here is a sneak peak as to what my next post will be about:

Our family binder
Our Family Binder!
Hope you enjoy!!!

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