Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Moss Covered Letters

I have been so busy with lots of different projects around the house, that I was unable to blog about them.  Over the next few days I will be posting some of the various projects that have been completed.  Today I will start with my favorite, which was a bit time consuming, Moss Covered Letter! 

Pottery Barn has moss covered letters that you can purchase for $79, but they are a tad bit pricey considering what they are made of.  I do however make lots of purchases to PB and PBK all thru the year but this looked to be a fun project for me!  Here is the PB version:
Pottery Barn Version
 First I decided what font/size I wanted and printed it out from the computer.  I cut and traced onto the cardboard and then formed a letter “T” out of cardboard and made it 3d.  This required tons of hot glue and patience.  My letter ended up being 15” long.  You could do paper-mâché but that wasn’t an option for me at that particular moment.  Next I cut and placed a moss cloth mat onto the letter.  V-E-R-Y MESSY!!!  At least for this kind of moss since pieces kept falling off the mat when it was cut.  I had done both sides of the letter since it is hanging on my door which has a window and I will see the back of it.  To hang it I attached ribbon to the back and had a loop.  Cost of my letter: $9~ the cardboard was free since I have tons of shipping boxes I save!

Tomorrow I will be posting about my exciting kitchen backsplash that I did myself!!  

Hope you enjoy!!!

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