Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Garden Full of Flowers!

After all this spring cleaning and decluttering of our house there is a few rooms that I have yet to tackle…bedrooms.  Today I decided to start on my youngest daughter’s bedroom.  I will be spending a few days on each of the bedrooms, but I am trying to “change” it up a bit as I go along.  I still had a bag from her birthday party (which was back in November!) filled of tissue paper pom poms as well as other decorations.  I do have some of them hanging up in my older daughter’s room but never thought to put them in the younger daughter’s room.  Ok, so I knew I wanted to hang them but where…well as I walk into her bedroom the first thing you can’t help but notice is the BIG, hanging stuffed animal net.  Honestly I can tell you none of those are her stuffed animals.  They have been up there in the same spot for a good 7 or 8 years!  Well I took that down and just put everything into a garbage bag until I can take everything outside on a nice warm day to go thru and “dedust”.  

Ahhhh so far it looks A LOT better!

After messing around with the configuration of how I wanted the pom poms to be hung this is how it turned out:

I had that cheerful bumble bee hanging over her closet.   I figured it could have a new home and would look a bit better with the newly created “garden”! 
Later today and tomorrow I will be tackling her closet, which for a 2 year old, it isn’t as full as it could be!  

Hope you Enjoy!!!

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