Saturday, February 16, 2013

Wine Bottle Fun!

On Valentine’s Day my husband finally finished a bottle of his wine, so now I can do what I had anticipated on doing for months on end…decorate a wine bottle!!! 


The first step was to take the labels off of the bottle.  Thanks to my trusty ‘Goo Gone’ it didn’t take too much time.  I advise letting the bottle soak in hot water before trying to remove any of the labels to make it very easy. 

I know there is a cork rolling around in there but *sigh* I guess that happens sometimes…

I chose this aqua color because that is one of the colors we decorate heavily with in our kitchen!  I painted a decent first coat on just to make sure everything was covered, and then let it dry for the day.

Once I gave it the second coat, it really started to look nice!
To top it off I made a quick rosette burlap flower and tied it on with a ribbon!

I am still tossing the idea around to perhaps sand it in different areas to give it a rustic look.  We shall see!

This is going to look awesome on the window sill, especially if we stick a single flower in there.  Hopefully I can get my hands on some more wine bottles...I guess I will have to encourage my husband to have more wine (I don't drink since I'm not fond of the taste).  All in all this was a quick, fun, and inexpensive DIY craft!

Hope you enjoy!!!

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