Monday, February 18, 2013

Exra Fun Weekend!

One can get really used to these extra-long weekends!  This weekend I didn’t have much time to get any of my personal crafting done.  We decided to take the kids to the local bounce place for a few hours, which helped them to expel their ‘bottled up energy’.  

I made a really long list of things that needed to be done and cleaned this weekend, and I’m proud to say that I’ve accomplished at least 70% of the tasks! I still need to give the counters in the kitchen a good cleaning, but the bathroom and the kids rooms are each cleaned to perfection!!!  

Part of my household resolution for this year was to cook more.  A few weeks ago I decided to make a Menu Board for on our refrigerator.  I have seen so many of them on Pinterest and they seemed like a great idea to get me to plan out exactly what I will be cooking for dinner each night.  Currently I don’t have anything in for Friday, but since it is Lent we go to the local Fish Fry.  I may make a tag for that to place on the board!

Hope you enjoy!!!

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